Negotiable Order of Withdrawal

Negotiable Order of Withdrawal ( NOW)
The name of an interest-bearing checking account that banks are permitted by regulation to offer to certain customers. American Banker Glossary

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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  • negotiable order of withdrawal — ( NOW) demand deposits that pay interest. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary …   Financial and business terms

  • negotiable order of withdrawal — NOW A type of cheque used in US savings accounts that are interest bearing and from which sums can be withdrawn. If no interest is paid the account is called a NINOW …   Big dictionary of business and management

  • negotiable order of withdrawal — /nɪˌgəυʃiəb(ə)l ˌɔ də əv wɪð drɔ əl/ adjective a cheque written on a NOW account …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • negotiable order of withdrawal — Fin a check drawn on an account that bears interest …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • Negotiable Order of Withdrawal — See N.O.W. account …   Black's law dictionary

  • Negotiable order of withdrawal account — (сокр. NOW account, в русской экономической литературе называется НАУ счёт) в США так называется сберегательный счёт, владелец которого имеет право при уведомлении банка за 30 дней выписать обращающиеся приказы об изъятии (negotiable orders of… …   Википедия

  • Negotiable Order of Withdrawal account — In the United States, a Negotiable Order of Withdrawal account (NOW account) is a deposit account that pays interest, on which checks may be written.[1] While a negotiable order of withdrawal is essentially identical to a check, US banking… …   Wikipedia

  • Negotiable Order of Withdrawal (NOW) Account — An interest earning bank account with which the customer is permitted to write drafts against money held on deposit. Also known as a NOW account . Typically commercial banks, mutual savings banks and savings and loan associations can offer this… …   Investment dictionary

  • Negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) — Demand deposits that pay interest. The New York Times Financial Glossary …   Financial and business terms

  • Negotiable Order of Withdrawal Account — ( NOW account) An interest earning account on which checks may be drawn. Withdrawals from NOW accounts may be offered by commercial banks, mutual savings banks, and savings and loan associations and may be owned only by individuals and certain… …   Financial and business terms

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